It matters who you select to represent you when you buy a home.

Why should you select an agent from Realty
Because, to a buyer, having an effective advocate on your side is more important than marketing for a seller.

You can select a franchise such as Century 21
REMAX® or  Prudential©. They have a lot of marketing muscle. Can that big franchise company's agent really represent you very well? Often, they cannot.

Think about it. The marketing they do has ONE goal. To sell you one of their listings.  In real estate marketing power does not help the buyer - it helps the seller!

There are some things that you should expect from your agent.

The market is full of over priced homes and often it was the agents in the franchise companies that priced them that way.

For peace of mind call Paul Howard Realty and use an agent you can be sure will be on your side.

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